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Astro Journal Club

The Astro Journal Club has hybrid meetings (both in FOSC 202 and on zoom), Mondays from 12 - 1 pm. For those people interesting in hearing announcements about activities, or for communicating with other people active in this effort, there is a mailing list. You can subscribe by sending an email to You will receive an email explaining how to confirm your subscription to the mailing list.

Remote Connection Information

Spring 2022 Schedule of Events

Fall 2021 Schedule of Events

Date Lead Main Paper Additional Papers
November 8
November 15 Bob Rodriguez-Torres et al 2017
November 22
November 29
December 6
December 13

Spring 2021 Schedule of Events

Date Lead Main Paper Additional Papers
February 22 Bob
March 1 No Meeting
March 8 No Meeting
March 15 Bob Optimizing Photonics Ring-Resonator Filters for OH-Suppressed Near-Infrared Astronomy
March 22 Joel Physics of Neutrino Mass
March 29 Krista
April 5 Steve S. Amateur/Teaching Astronomy Opportunities with SMU Physics Department Resources
April 12 Rob - Strong constraints from COSINE-100 on the DAMA dark matter results using thesame sodium iodide target
April 19
April 26
May 3

Fall 2020 Schedule of Events

Date Lead Main Paper Additional Papers
September 14 No Meeting Graduate Student Lunch
September 21 Group Introduction 3 minutes, 5 slides from each person Introduction of you and your interests
September 28 Taylor Wallace Radon Plate-Out
October 5 Cynthia exoplanet searches slides
October 12 Krista Supermassive Black Holes
October 19 No Meeting
October 26 No Meeting
November 2 No Meeting
November 9 Noah / Cynthia NanoHz Gravitational Waves
November 16 Ishwita
November 23 No Meeting - Grad Lunch
November 30 Jasmine
December 7

Summer 2020 Schedule of Events

Spring 2020 Schedule of Events

Date Lead Main Paper Additional Papers
January 27 No Meeting
February 3 Joel
February 10 No Meeting
February 17 Cynthia
February 24 Eric
March 2 Rob , Suggest Krista consider
March 9 (Linux Mtg)
March 23 Yoni Kahn (via remote) Slides
March 30 Vera Glusevic (via remote) Note: We will start at 12:15pm this day. Slides (pdf)
April 6 No Meeting
April 13 (Linux Mtg) Ryan Staten (via remote)
April 20 No Meeting
April 27 Cynthia Slides (pdf), see also and
May 4 Cynthia

Fall 2019 Schedule of Events

Date Lead Main Paper Additional Papers
September 9 Joel Slides
September 23 Rob Search for γ-Ray Line Signals from Dark Matter Annihilations in the Inner Galactic Halo from 10 Years of Observations with H.E.S.S. A New Population of Ultra-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources Detected by HAWC
September 30 Jodi Highlights from TAUP 2019 slides Katrin_talk.pdf Gravitational_waves.pdf Dark_Matter_Theory.pdf
October 7 Cynthia slides
October 14 No Meeting Fall Break
October 21 Ishwita
October 28 Eric
November 4 Krista
November 11 Joel Neutrinos in the CMB
December 2 Eric
December 9 Ivan Vitev (LANL) [Host:Fred] Effective field theories in reactions with nuclei: from jets to quarkonia

Fall 2017 Schedule of Events

Date Lead Main Paper Additional Papers
August 21 No Meeting 1st Day of Class
August 28 Jodi arXiv:1708:06372
September 4 No Meeting Labor Day
September 11 Ryan
September 18 Rob
September 25 Matt
October 2 Govinda
October 9 No Meeting Fall Break
October 16 Ryan
October 23 No Meeting TSAPS
October 30 No Meeting DM Day
November 6 Rob
November 13 Matt
November 20 Frank Avignone Lunch
November 27 Ryan
December 4 Dan SIDM Can Explain Diverse Rotation Curves arxiv

Spring 2017 Schedule of Events

Fall 2016 Schedule of Events

Date Lead Main Paper Link Additional Papers
September 19 Jodi 1604.03158
September 26 Dan 1607.07410 1609.06154
October 3 Bob & Farley 1603.08573 1609.09076
October 10 Fall Break No Meeting
October 17 Govinda 1603.04730
October 24 Matt Minniti et al. 2016
October 31 Rob Sasaki et al. 2016 1506.01354
November 7 Ryan 1508.05898
November 14 Dan 1609.01492
November 21 Pavel Nadolsky HEP lunch seminar N/A
November 28 Fred Olness N/A
December 5 Matt ApJL Link
December 12 Ryan


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